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Plan Your Trip To Malaysia at Your Fingertips

Plan Your Trip To Malaysia at Your Fingertips

Are you planning to visit Malaysia soon *(or not so soon)? Well, I have a few tips for the future tourist and traveler of Malaysia like you.

I know, travelling and visiting places in any part of the world always will be the awesome experiences and there will also sweet memories.  But still, it also can be a pain-in-the-ass one and a disastrous trip if we not properly plan. So, to avoid it, here some tips that you may find  can be useful to help your journey in Malaysia smoothly, memorable and wonderful. And all it takes by using your smartphone.

1. Plan your trip with “Malaysia Trip Planner” apps


It help you to explore discover unique attractions, what to see, and where to go in Malaysia and enabling to catch-up or i might say you can join any  of exciting events and cultural festivities held year-round that available. Find any kind of events that happening during your time here. In the Malaysia Trip Planner apps, they have also have a feature map that constantly updated to let you know what’s going on around you. Plus, you also can create a checklist where you want to go. So, easy and hasle free to plan your trip.
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2. Plan your trip with “AirBnB” apps

Looking for a warm accommodation place and being able to know the street of Malaysia better? well, there’s a solution. Use AirBnB apps to find a local host that can guide you around and you can rent a private room, apartment, a house a studio or even a hut during your visit. Get to know Malaysia stuff well from them as they know best.
Android | IOS
3. Plan your trip with “AirAsia” apps


Planning to visit local place from KL straight to Penang or Johor Bahru *(can visit our neighbor Singapore easily too) or Sabah or even Sarawak? Well, there’s a easy and cheap way. Aside from just checking your booking information, AirAsia let you to pick-up cool add on such as inflight meals, pick your seat, increase your baggage allowance, enjoy inflight entertainment and even get a travel insurance!
Android | IOS

4. Plan your trip with “Waze” apps

File:Waze logo.png

If you come from Canada, Europe, or even USA, I am pretty sure that you  guys  acknowledge the power of Waze. A-based social geographical navigation application program for smartphones with GPS support that rock your world that have help you avoiding  to be late to a meeting and skip the traffic and also keep your boss a happy smiling face in office. Well, Waze also work in Malaysia. Who want to spend your vacation in a traffic jam while other already reach their destination? none right. So, keep this apps yeah.
Android IOS

p:/s: So, next time  if you visiting Malaysia, don’t just forget to download ready this cool apps, but, also, call me yeah. We can hangout and it a pleasure to meet you

~ Selamat Datang Ke Malaysia  Sahabat = Welcome to Malaysia My Friend ~

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