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Why Must Visit Malaysia?

Why Must Visit Malaysia?

On recent Monday Randal Olson, a Computer Science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University, created this map of the top autocomplete words for each country in Europe after one for America arose.

Olson, who is the moderator of the r/DataIsBeautiful subbreddit and a BI contributor, also sent along the below map showing a Google autocomplete for Asia created by reddit user system637 in Hong Kong.

Google’s autocomplete suggestions come from previous searches by Google users or other places on the web. Suggestions may include relevant searches the user has done in the past (if you’re signed in and have Web History turned on).

Here are the autocomplete suggestions for: “Why is [country] …?”


So, based on the data, it has stated that Malaysia is a one Truly Asia country. Well that’s a correct statement. You see,  Malaysia ot just a multiracial country, but, we can share most of everything in harmony as in 1Malaysia spirit

We also rich of tradition, tourism spots, language, FOOD, and more.

So, hurry, book your flight ticket to Malaysia and enjoy your RnR in here.


Selamat Datang ke Malaysia *(Welcome to Malaysia)


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